Why writing?

Writing is so much more than spelling and grammar. It is communicating ideas, explaining a scientific discovery, building a business through marketing, or giving a student the chance to tell a story. At Storysquares we know that writing is challenging, which is why we create customizable communication templates to meet your organization's needs. The interactive templates provide guidance and support without compromising creativity or innovation.

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How it Works

Storysquares is a web-based application designed for individual users, schools, companies and organizations of any size. A subscription provides users with intuitive, customizable templates that walk writers of any level through their projects from beginning to end. Projects are broken down into manageable "squares" that look similar to sticky notes on a bulletin board. Users type in each labeled square, such as "mission statement" or "main argument," and the notes can be moved around on the page for easy editing and revising. Text within the squares are auto-populated into a full document for easy viewing, editing, and sharing.

With Storysquares you will have a birds' eye view of your document, giving you a better grasp on organization and overall flow. Unlike traditional word processors, or pen and paper, you can move back and forth between views, such as the 'sticky note' view or 'full doc' view. Users can also return to saved projects, create new templates, and click on pop-up definitions and writing support as needed throughout the process. 

I have been hoping to find an online resource for teaching young writers for a long time. In my 28 years of teaching, [Storysquares] is the best platform I have encountered.
— Holly Janssen, teacher with a Master's in Curriculum Design